Yes, you read it right. I dropped my lens and camera next to a lion! When I was shooting from my vehicle, two young male lions were approaching me directly.

I wanted to get a tight frame of these boys next to each other. Suddenly they changed direction.   I wanted to drive a little further to get a better angle, so I moved on to the driver's seat.

When I did that, I accidentally touched the lens and camera combo with my bum, which was resting on the beanbag and was actually on balance.

Lens and camera combo ended up being on the floor. I immediately  grabbed my i phone, as there was nothing else to do, to record and enjoy this unique moment.

Click on the youtube video to watch the whole story.

Ps: Some people ask if I am shooting Canon or Nikon. I am a Nikon guy. That 600mm f4 was used for a temporary project, for testing purposes.





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