Nikon 600mm f4 VR is a legendary lens. It is sharp wide open and has an unmatched bokeh. (600:4 = 150 Biggest aperture ratio of any lens in the world)

But how does 600mm f/4 perform with 1.7 ii teleconverter?   With this combo, you get yourself a 1020mm f/6.8 lens!

With this question in my mind, I headed to the zoo. I placed the 5kg beast on a monopod and turned the VR (vibration reduction) on.

Here are the images. Right click and save it to your computer to inspect the images on your own.


1020mm @ f/6.8


1020mm @f/8


1020mm @ f/6.8


1020mm @f/8


As you can easily realize, with 1.7 teleconverter   you get sharp images at f/8. So you need a lot of light to compensate for that.

I think you are better served with 1.4 teleconverter, which makes this lens an 840mm f/5.6. You can shoot it wide open without hesitation and get also faster autofocus.

Here is a video about the 600mm f4 vr plus 1.7 ii teleconverter.

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