On my very first safari, that was taking place in incredible India, I was told that if I want to be guarantied to see a tiger, I need to go to the zoo. And let me tell you this: It couldn‘t be more true !  I remember, after searching it for full 2 days without success, I started thinking that there is actually no tigers. It is just a story to lure the tourists! In the 3rd day we were lucky to see one for 5 seconds. Then I believed, tigers really exist.
When you are on a safari – no matter in what country you are at– you need to let nature do what it does.  Some days you might see a lot of game, you might even be lucky enough to see some action.  And there are days, you might feel like there are no animals in the whole national park… So what should you do on a "lame" day on your African safari?
When you are at home you shoot whatever animal comes in front of your lens right? Do the same on „lame“ safari days!
In your search for lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhino´s, please do not forget, you are actually surrounded by wildlife. You just do not even realize it anymore,because you are poisened with your goals. That´s the thing: The first gazelle you see, try to feel how incredible it is to see them.u. The same goes for zebras, wildebeests and all the amazing colorful and exotic birds you see. But even after a day or two you get so used to seeing them every 20 minutes, that you don´t even bother looking at them anymore.
So you really want to know what to do on a day without lions and leopards? Appreciate whatever you see in your surrounding. No matter if it´s a kingfisher, a jackal, or just a spider. If you decide to spend your full safari observing one of those animals, you will be surprised in the photos you will come back to camp on that evening: You might have a stunning portrait, a great behavioral shot or – depending on the time of the year – maybe you even witnessed a birth. So don´t get frustrated when you do not find the animal of your choice every single day. Keep in mind that you are in "real" nature and not in a zoo.
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