Lens hood Lite for Super telephoto lenses

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Carrying the lens hood of large lenses can be difficult during travel. Lens hood Lite, is the travel version of the lens hoods of large telephoto lenses.


It has an attachment, where you can attach your speedlite, when you need fill light.


You can take the attachments off when you don't need them.


You can attach your speedlite also sideways.


With the water-resistant Cordura ripstop fabric, you can keep shooting even when it rains.


It is foldable.


Hard enough to hold your lens when you place it on a flat surface.


Lens hood Lite has three color options. Camouflage, beige and black.

Lens hood Lite comes in two sizes.

Small:  300mm f/2.8   200-400mm f/4  400 f/4   200f/2 vr

Large: 400mm f2.8   600mm f/4   800mm f/5.6 vr

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